Tempest Benchtop Ionizer

The Tempest Ionizing Blower BTI Bench-top Ionizer generates AC high voltage to produce balanced ionized airflow, thereby eliminating static charges on surfaces. The unit can be placed at one end of the workbench, or mounted on wall or shelf, and directed at the work target or area to be neutralized. The ionizer is best positioned 12″ to 48″ directly in front of the work.

Data Sheet: Tempest BTI_Benchtop Ionizing Blower_Data Sheet

User Manual: Tempest BTI_Benchtop Ionizing Blower_User Manual

Warranty & Claims: Static Clean International, Inc. (SCI) warrants to the original purchaser that the equipment will be delivered free from defects in material and workmanship when used and operated under normal operating conditions, providing it is assembled, installed and operated in a manner deemed appropriate by SCI. The obligations of SCI are limited to rework, repair or replacement at SCI’s option, of any component that within one year from date of shipment is returned to SCI for approved warranty work. Service calls are limited to the US and will be quoted as required.