UV Curable Materials have revolutionized the assembly process by eliminating the time needed to "bake" solvent-based formulations. These game changing materials are comprised of a monomer or oligomer mixed with a photo initiator. When exposed to an ultraviolet light source, a chemical reaction called "polymerization" transforms the liquid material into a solid state in a matter of seconds. The consistent and reliable results improve overall quality, reliability, performance and manufacturing throughput.


Needle Bonding

  • When every second counts, these materials shine. UV Curable Adhesives often cure within seconds, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Offering high bond strength, these robust materials establish uniform and consistent results across a wide range of materials including metals, plastics, glass and ceramics. A versatility that drives innovative design.
  • With an unprecedented level of process control, the most stringent requirements can be met with the highest level of accuracy and repeatability.
  • When precision matters and every drop counts, the ability to dispense with pinpoint accuracy proves invaluable for applications with tight tolerances.
  • Compatibility with secondary cleaning operations, such as sterilization, allows manufacturers to produce safe and hygienic products without compromising bond integrity or performance.
  • Go Green! Low toxicity ingredients reduce potential harm to users and the environment creating a safer workplace. Improved consumption efficiency reduces waste and contributes to cost savings.
  • Harsh environments can pose significant challenges for adhesive applications. UV curable materials offer exceptional chemical resistance, demonstrating remarkable durability and reliability while maintaining bond strength and performance during the most demanding conditions.
  • UV curable materials do not require prolonged or high temperature exposure allowing for bonding of sensitive substrates.

Understanding the unique challenges of manufacturing allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to help select the best adhesives. Are you ready to explore the transformative potential of UV?

Catheter Hub Bonding

Flex PCBA Encapsulant
June 05, 2024 — Romteen Youssefi