Inquiring Minds Wanted to Know More: Parylene Coated Nitinol Wire

In the ever-evolving world of medical devices and advanced engineering applications, the need for materials that offer superior performance and reliability is paramount. Parylene coated Nitinol wire is one such material that has garnered significant attention. This unique combination of a shape-memory alloy and a high-performance polymer coating offers many benefits to customers, particularly in critical applications where performance and safety are non-negotiable. Let's dive into what makes Parylene coated Nitinol wire so valuable.

Dielectric Strength: Electrical Insulation Excellence

When it comes to preventing electrical shorts in devices, especially those involving conductive metals,dielectric strength is crucial. Parylene excels in this area by providing exceptional electrical insulation properties. This means that when Parylene is coated onto Nitinol wire, it effectively protects the wire from creating electrical shorts. This is particularly important in applications where conductive metal meets conductive metal, which could otherwise result in a potential short circuit. The reliability of this dielectric protection ensures that devices operate safely and efficiently, without the risk of electrical failures.

Biocompatibility and Biotoxicity: Safety in Medical Applications

One of the most significant advantages of Parylene coating is its biocompatibility and biotoxicity properties. Parylene is chemically inert in its polymer form,making it an ideal candidate for medical applications. When a layer of Parylene is added to Nitinol wire, it can safely come into contact with skin, both inside and outside the body. This is a critical feature for medical devices that are implanted or used in close proximity to human tissue. The ability to ensure that a component is biocompatible without extensive testing, or additional treatments is a significant advantage, streamlining the development process and ensuring patient safety.

Lightweight and Flexible: Maintaining Performance Without Added Weight

A standout feature of Parylene isits lightweight nature. Deposited through a vapor deposition process, Parylene adds minimal weight to the Nitinol wire while still providing optimal protection. This is particularly beneficial in applications where maintaining the flexibility and performance of the wire is essential. For thinner coatings,Parylene allows the Nitinol wire to flex without compromising its integrity,depending on the dimer type used. This flexibility is crucial for applications such as stents or guidewires in medical devices, where the ability to bend and move without breaking is vital.

Optimal Coating Thickness: Balancing Protection and Performance

For Nitinol wire, the thickness of the Parylene coating is a critical consideration. Staying on the thinner side of the coating spectrum is generally recommended to avoid making the device brittle and losing its ability to flex. This delicate balance ensures that the wire retains its shape-memory properties while being protected from environmental factors. Additionally, in some applications, it is acceptable for the tips of the legs to be free of coating. This practice facilitates easier fixturing without compromising the overall performance of the device, though this varies depending on the specific application and device requirements.


Parylene coated Nitinol wire offers a combination of superior dielectric strength, biocompatibility,lightweight protection, and flexibility. These properties make it an invaluable material in a wide range of applications, particularly in the medical field. By understanding and leveraging these benefits, customers can ensure their devices are not only effective but also safe and reliable.

Whether you are designing intricate medicaldevices or advanced engineering components, the incorporation of Parylene coated Nitinol wire can provide the performance and protection you need to succeed. If you have any questions or need further information on how Parylene coating can benefit your specific application, feel free to reach out!

June 05, 2024 — Romteen Youssefi